Arctic Paper Kostrzyn S.A. specialises in the production of uncoated graphic paper and operates as a non-integrated paper mill. This status provides us with great flexibility in purchasing and allows us to choose the highest quality ecological raw materials. These materials, carefully selected, ensure excellent printing results and high durability of the paper, and are one of the sources of success for Arctic Paper Kostrzyn S.A.'s products. The raw materials used in paper production include cellulose, calcium carbonate, water, starch, and chemicals.

Our paper mill is technologically well-equipped to efficiently handle current operations and future requirements. The high quality of the papers produced by Arctic Paper Kostrzyn S.A. is achieved by conducting all technological processes in accordance with the highest standards and by maintaining strict control over the entire production process.

Thanks to ongoing investments over the years, our company continues to develop production technologies and expand our environmental protection efforts. We have invested over 132 million US dollars in the factory, improving performance indicators, reducing the environmental impact of the production process, and implementing organisational enhancements.